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Residents of Illinois’ 66th Legislative House District are invited to join State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) and tax assessment experts on July 25th for a free seminar on understanding how your property taxes are determined and learning how to appeal property tax assessments. This event will be held at the Gail Borden Library in Elgin from 7-8:30pm. This event is free to the public and everyone is encouraged to drop by.

Joining Skillicorn at the informational session will be Mark Armstrong, the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments, Warren L. Dixon III, Naperville Township Assessor, and Michael Bielak, the Dundee Township Assessor.

“It’s my pleasure to assemble these tax assessment experts together to explain how tax bills are created and outline the process to follow if a taxpayer believes they are being over-assessed,” said Skillicorn.

Crystal Lake, IL – You can’t solve problems when you’re on the take. I refused a pension and believe others should do the same.

When I consider the vision our Nation’s Founders had of the “citizen legislator,” I doubt that pensions would have ever come to mind. Considering that they pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the cause of forming our country, the morphing of the citizen legislator into the modern day professional politician with the power, pay, perks and a pension to boot, seems inconceivable.

In a report by 
Congressional Research, “Most lawmakers in the 18th and early 19th century can be characterized as ‘citizen legislators,’ holding full-time non-political employment and serving in Congress on a part-time basis for a short number of years.” While pay and perks were almost non-existent early on, circumstances changed after the Civil War ushering in the rise of the career politician, resulting in the mess we find ourselves in today--where the political class from DC to Springfield enrich themselves on the backs of struggling taxpayers.

It is time to take a stand and return the politician to the proper place of serving the people as a citizen legislator, no pension required.


Crystal Lake, IL – As the right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the security of a free state and shall not be infringed, Representative Allen Skillicorn, a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, is sponsoring FREE Conceal and Carry Training. This training will be available to twelve (12) people in the 66th District on a first come, first service basis. Please email my office at or call 815-893-4884 and include your name, address, age and contact information--must be 21 years old to participate. Must respond no later than Friday, June 22!

Two 8 hour training sessions will take place on Saturday July 21 and 28 starting around 9:00am.  The final time and location will be communicated to the participants.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to acquire your CCW Training at no cost!

Crystal Lake, IL – Enough is enough! For Democrat members of the General Assembly to be taken seriously, they must demand that Speaker Madigan resign as another #MeToo scandal erupts. This time it is his Chief of Staff, Tim Mapes. 
A childhood game, “hot and cold,” comes to mind:

•    High profile Democratic Senator Ira Silverstein--Warm
•    Two top lieutenants in Madigan’s political organization--Warmer
•    A domestic battery allegation Speaker Madigan says he can’t recall--Hot
•    Deputy Democratic Majority Leader Lou Lang—Hotter
•    Madigan Chief of Staff, Tim Mapes—On Fire!

Just how many women overcoming their fear and stepping forward to confront the most powerful politicians in the Democratic Majority does it take, before rank and file Democrats recognize the corruption of their leadership and call for Speaker Madigan’s resignation? Will all of the female members who surrounded Leader Lang finally awaken to the stark reality that their “champions of women’s rights” have been revealed as harassers and bullies? Was their “historic” vote to ratify the long expired ERA merely symbolic for political purposes? Will they take action to end the abuse or merely ignore the pattern that has been brought to light? 

The answers will be made obvious in the coming days. Either the Democrats will clean up their house, starting at the top, or the Majority will be revealed for who they really are—champions of power at any cost, no matter how many women they have to step over to keep it. 


Springfield, IL. – In Illinois nothing is secure. With a sleight of hand, $630 million of overspending is disguised as a “constitutionally balanced budget,” and the transportation “lock box” is picked for a $180 million transfer to Chicago, ultimately destine for the Obama edifice called a library funded on the backs of taxpayers.
Without the official constitutionally mandated revenue estimate, it is anyone’s guess as to how much overspending was just passed, however the Commission on Government Financial Accountability (COGFA) estimated revenue for the 2019 Fiscal Year at $37.87 billion. And while COGFA has been historically high in its estimate, I’ll take that as a best guess.  So taking the approved spending of $38.5 billion less the estimated revenue of $37.87 billion, using Representative Martwick’s calculator he so generously distributed to members, I get about $630 million in overspending.
According to some estimates, Illinois has not had a constitutionally balanced budget since 2001, leaving 2018 as another year where the only thing the Democratic Majority appears to be consistent at is leading the state further into the ground. Lest you think that is an exaggeration, keep in mind that the audited financial report since 2008 graphically illustrates Illinois’ demise.
The tragic part about all of this is it doesn’t have to be this way. With serious reforms Illinois could recover, but time is running out.

Springfield, IL – Another session draws to a close, leaving in its wake the continued devastation of Illinois families. After permanently hiking our flat income tax by 32%, the Democratic Majority passed a resolution calling for even higher taxes in the form of a progressive income tax. Day after day bills are passed penalizing businesses, manufacturing mandates and creating onerous regulations, dictated from atop the Capitol mount causing the moving vans to start their engines.

Real reform with real relief must be forthcoming before even more Illinoisans become Hoosiers, Wisconsinites, or Minnesotans. Here are just a few of the bills I have introduced to do so:

•    Illinois has some of the highest property taxes in the nation driving families out of their homes. Recently the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago proposed a 1% property tax increase to pay for the bloated unfunded pension liability estimated at upwards of $250 billion. How about solving the pension crisis with 401K-style retirement accounts for public employees (HB4060), eliminating pensions for new members of the General Assembly (HB363) and a constitutional 1% hard cap on property taxes (HJRCA45) instead.  For those that gasp at the thought, take a look at Indiana. They seem to be doing just fine.
•    There are some estimates that government spending has increased as much as 25 times faster than personal income over the last decade. Government spending needs a speed brake, HJRCA38 amends the Finance Article of the Illinois Constitution to tie spending to the growth of the Illinois economy.
•    People have a right to earn a living (HB3319) and a right to work (HB672) without being forced into associations they do not freely choose.
•    As our property values continue to experience volatility, taxing bodies raise their levies with impunity. HB824 would limit the taxing body’s ability to levy based on the valuation of our properties. HB2727 would apply the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL) to all taxing districts.
•    For those who spent a lifetime saving for their retirement, it is inexcusable to now tax their income. HJRCA44 amends the Revenue Article of the Illinois Constitution and provides that there shall be no tax imposed by the State upon retirement income.

And finally, HB475 would implement Term Limits for the General Assembly. It is painfully obvious that no one should be able to spend over 30 years gathering power and ruling unchallenged over a state of 12 million people, as Speaker Madigan has done.